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Dadima Agro India is one of the leading Agro products firm.  We are a well established company and having all technical and emotional support with the natural food grains.  Our teamwork is the result of deeper understanding the importance of food grains in the human life.  Since the very first day of inception, we have committed towards producing, preserving and supplying the best food grains to the public.  After a long journey in gaining the experience in the fields,m we have developed a number of hybrid seeds and grains.  Out continuously going technological researches have cemented our seat in the market and we are sure that our products are best on all quality standards.  Routine standard testing is done at our end.  Our export is also based on the same quality as we provide the domestic supply.  No ingredients in our packages are different, irrespective of domestic or abroad supply.  Our Wheat Grains and Wheat Atta have homelike preparation before packing.  The quality standards are never compromised in packing. 

The preservation of food grains and seeds of agricultural purpose is given proper care and attention till the stock is not exhausted from our godowns. The stacking in our godowns is not like others, we have specialized store keepers and manpower who have a long and perfect experience in the stacking and rolling over.  The stock in the various godowns of the company is more than 65-70 million tones but the necessary turnover has ever prevented the loss of important food grains.  The loss percentage is very meager and not more than 0.02 %. 


At Dadima Agro India we have the vision to prove the name of our firm as who we are. The dedication, punctuality and innovative ability enhancement in the staff is our vision.  We also see the sketch of the nation where the farms are blowing gold with the sweat of farmers.


We have a strong mission to provide the knowledge base of agricultural products preservation at all cost with the best possible efforts. We want to spread the message that even in the fields or houses, the precious food grains can be preserved with restricted resources.  Our enterprise is to formulate some rules which can guide the last person standing in the farms.

Why choose us

Yes, our quality oriented attitude of working makes us better in the industry. Apart from it, we have the largest dedicated and experienced staff employed. Our punctuality in supplying the products is another specialty and also the reason for choosing us. There are some of the reasons to choose us as your supplier. The firm determination in regular researches and best care and preservation methods are used at our end. Lab technicality, technological use, pretty essential use of chemicals to enhance the ability of food grains, restoring the natural compositions in the food grains, preparing the Wheat Atta with the mother hand taste and much more sophistication in lab researches made us the chief in this industry. We also produce the international standard food grains, which are having no harms or chemical effect on the human body.

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